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The University of Delaware is the largest university in Delaware. The main campus is in Newark, with satellite
campuses in Dover, Wilmington, Lewes, and Georgetown. It is considered a large institution with approximately 18,500
undergraduate and 4,500 graduate students. UD is a privately governed university which receives public funding for being a
land-grant, sea-grant, space-grant and urban-grant state-supported research institution. UD is classified as a research university
with very high research activity by the Carnegie Classification of Institutions of Higher Education.The university's programs
in engineering, science, 
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diploma, chemical and biomolecular engineering, chemistry and biochemistry have been highly ranked with some drawing from
the historically strong presence of the nation's chemical and pharmaceutical industries in the state of Delaware, such as DuPont and
W. L. Gore and Associates. It is one of only four schools in North America with a major in art conservation. In 1923, UD was the
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