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Private schools should offer parents 'thank-yous', says ex-Eton head
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Tony Little suggested that offering such benefits could help to create a sense of community and involve parents more in school life. He said independent schools could no longer rely on reputation alone. Buy Canada University degree, faking Australian diploma, make a Irish certificate. But his suggestion was dismissed by one former head as "un-British".Speaking at a meeting of the Headmasters' and Headmistresses' Conference (HMC), which represents private school leaders, Mr Little said: "What I'm about to say I've seen work extraordinarily well and I would never have believed it. "In fact, photo of different degree in oxford university, get fake academic certificate in kampala, fake university of washington diplom, fake diploma certificates uk, makerere university transcript sample, I would have strongly argued against it if I'd been part of it, and it's arriving at a situation where parents as a consequence of having chosen a school, or part of a group of schools, as a consequence of that choice, there are a number of benefits that come their way...